All Florida Residents may purchase vouchers from the Escambia County Tax Collector’s website online

Florida Auburn Tag

Florida now has an Auburn University specialty license plate.  The Florida Legislature passed HR1135, and Governor Desantis signed it into law, now comes our part. The license plates will not be manufactured until we have 4,000 Auburn fans purchase vouchers for the specialty plates. We have 2 years from Oct 16, 2020, to reach this milestone or the plate goes away forever. Our SEC rivals Alabama and Georgia also received specialty plates this year and are under the same deadline, let’s beat them to it Auburn Fans.

Escambia County has set up a website for voucher applications and is accepting applications for all Florida counties. Thanks to the hard work of the Auburn Alumni Association for coordinating with the Escambia County Tax collectors office to make these vouchers easily available to all Auburn Fans in Florida. The vouchers are also available in person from your local county tax collectors office, the same office you go to for driver’s licenses and registration. The voucher cost is $33.00 and will be put towards the final $50.00 specialty plate price.

There have been reports of other websites claiming to sell vouchers, do not purchase from these sites. Vouchers are only available from a tax collector’s office.

Time Left to get your Tag